• child playing with our large dinosaur toys
  • child playing with our large dinosaur toys
  • 5 soft large dinosaur toys for children - main view
  • large dinosaur toy outside
  • sof large dinosaur toy figure 1
  • sof large dinosaur toy figure 2
  • sof large dinosaur toy figure 3
  • sof large dinosaur toy figure 4
  • sof large dinosaur toy figure 5
child playing with our large dinosaur toys

Large Dinosaur Toys Set of 5 - Approx 20 inch

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 Transport your little ones back to the Jurassic era with these 20-inch Jumbo Soft Feel Dinosaur toy figures.

Ignite a sense of wonder and adventure with our jumbo-sized dinosaur toys! Crafted from soft, durable vinyl and packed with stuffing, these five giant dinosaurs are the perfect companions for exciting and educational playtime. With incredible detail in their faces and skin, these jumbo dinosaur figures provide endless opportunities for learning, exploration, and imaginative play.

Immerse in Educational Fun: Step into a world of learning and discovery with our 20-inch jumbo dinosaur toys. Each figure is meticulously crafted with exquisite detail, allowing children to learn about different dinosaur species while enjoying engaging playtime. These dinosaurs bring the Jurassic era to life!

Develop Fine Motor Skills: Interacting with these soft and squishy jumbo dinosaur figures enhances fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. From picking up and moving the dinosaurs to reenacting epic battles, children's dexterity will flourish as they dive into captivating play with these magnificent creatures.

Encourage Imaginative Play: Fuel the creative minds of children as they invent fascinating stories and scenarios with our large toy dinosaurs set. Whether they're building their own Jurassic world or embarking on thrilling adventures, these jumbo dinosaurs inspire imaginative play and endless possibilities.

Ideal for early years providers and parents, our jumbo dinosaur figures set is a valuable resource for immersive learning environments and enriching playtime at home. Whether used in classrooms or during family play, these dinosaur toys enhance learning opportunities and spark a love for discovery.

Order your 20-Inch Jumbo Soft Feel Dinosaur Toy Figures today and let your little ones embark on a prehistoric adventure.

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36cm x 20cm x 55cm
Age range:
3 years +

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