What is the Hardness Scale?

We have tried to come up with an easy way for you to decide the suitability of each product within your setting. Our unique Hardness Scale lets you know what the product is made of , flexibility and damage control!

 teddybear.jpg    1 = Baby Soft. Supple and/or malleable product. Sand, fake snow. NO sharp edges or hard pieces.

duckicon.jpg    2 = Toddler Soft. Some rigidity, tactile, unable to change shape from original form. Rubber, Vinyl, Foam. NO sharp edges or hard pieces, medium firmness.

bucketspade-3.jpg    3 = Hard. Mainly rigid – very little flexibility. Small animals / dinosaurs. Hard plastic.  NOT sharp, but rigid edging.

rocketicon.jpg    4 = Rock Hard. Wood, metal, rigid plastic. Wooden jigsaws, vehicles. No flexibility, hard pieces, some distinct, angled edges – NOT sharp.