• Pack Of 12 Pipettes
  • Pack Of 12 Pipettes
Pack Of 12 Pipettes

Pack Of 12 Pipettes

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Spark artistic creativity with Our Pack of 12 Pipettes!

Encourage your child's artistic journey and mark-making skills with our Pack of 12 Pipettes. These versatile tools are perfect for early years' art activities, allowing little ones to explore different techniques and unleash their creativity. With their easy-to-use design, these pipettes will inspire young artists to create unique masterpieces.

Expressive Mark Making: Our pipettes offer a new way for children to express themselves through art. By squeezing and releasing the pipettes, they can create beautiful lines, dots, and patterns on paper, canvas, or other art surfaces. This opens up a world of mark-making possibilities and encourages artistic experimentation.

Fine Motor Skill Development: Using pipettes requires hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, making them a fantastic tool for young children's development. As they manipulate the pipettes to control the flow of paint or liquid, they enhance their dexterity and precision, laying the foundation for future writing and drawing skills.

Perfect for early years: Intended for early years providers, parents, and educators, our Pack of 12 Pipettes is an excellent addition to art supplies for toddlers and young children. Whether it's for painting, creating patterns, or exploring different artistic techniques, these pipettes will inspire imagination and foster a love for art.

Order yours today and watch as they create beautiful artwork, one colourful drop at a time!


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