• Child playing with our kinetic sand
  • Child playing with our kinetic sand
  • play sand - various colours
  • boy playing with our kinetic sand
  • Child playing with magic sand
Child playing with our kinetic sand

Kinetic Magic Play Sand - Various Colours 1kg Bags

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Unleash the Magic of Kinetic Play with our Kinetic Magic Play Sand - Various Colours 1kg Bags!

Dive into a world of enchantment and creativity with our mesmerizing Kinetic Magic Play Sand Perfect for messy play and using in tuff trays. This extraordinary play substance combines the best of wet and dry sand, allowing you to shape and mold it like never before. With our 1kg bags available in a range of captivating colours, including natural, green, and blue, the possibilities for imaginative play are endless.

Mess-Free Marvel: Say goodbye to sticky fingers and messy cleanup! Our play sand magically sticks together, making it a joy to shape and mold. It's easily picked up and stored back in the bag, ensuring hours of mess-free fun.

Ignite Creativity: Watch as your child's imagination takes flight! The unique texture of our play sand sparks creativity and encourages the creation of incredible sculptures and shapes. This hands-on experience enhances problem-solving skills and boosts self-confidence.

Safe and Sensational: Your child's safety is our top priority. Our play sand is made from premium, non-toxic materials, providing a worry-free sensory experience. You can have peace of mind knowing that they are playing with a product that meets stringent safety standards.

Perfect for early years providers and parents seeking captivating play experiences, Talking Turtle's Kinetic Magic Play Sand is an excellent addition to tuff trays, classrooms, playgroups, or home playtime. It's an immersive sensory adventure that fosters imagination and fine motor skills.

Unleash the magic of Kinetic Magic Play Sand today and witness the joy and wonder it brings to your child's world!

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