• Prefect for practising counting and sorting skills.
  • Prefect for practising counting and sorting skills.
  • Learn what a dinosaur ate from its skeleton. How would it defend itself or attack one another?
  • Easy to handle with no small parts, children can collect a full set of dinosaur skeletons.
  • Children can make lots of amazing discoveries for themselves.
  • Use in a sand tray for discovery or exploring topics.
  • Perfect dinosaur set for the early years.
  • 6inch - 7inch PVC Dinosaur Skeleton Bundle Of 6
  • Highly detailed to capture attention and imagination.
  • Includes all the popular and famous dinosaur types.
Prefect for practising counting and sorting skills.

6inch - 7inch PVC Dinosaur Skeleton Bundle Of 6

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to discover the dinosaurs? Now's your chance with Talking Turtle's Fossil Dinosaur Play set. With six full dinosaur skeletons included, it's the perfect set for all sorts of activities. Children can develop their communication skills and explore the past with this light and durable dinosaur set.

These 6 dinosaur skeleton fossils are sure to grab attention with hyper-realistic details and at 15cm x 6cm x 4cm in size your kids will adore the sense of wonder they create.
Made with non-toxic child-friendly materials and paint making them strong, safe and most importantly fun!
Extremely textured and bumpy and are great for sensory and visual stimulation for children of all ages.
Discover and create fossils and sand impressions with their little bones! Made of plastic, these dinosaur fossils are realistic yet light and perfect for little hands!
Looking to surprise and delight your little one with an exciting gift for Christmas or a Birthday? Our Dinosaur toys are perfect for toddler and preschool kids with big imaginations. ORDER TODAY.

How does this resource support the curriculum?


Expressive Arts and Design – Children may play in role as a palaeontologist on a dinosaur dig. They may work cooperatively to act out a narrative.

Understanding the World – Children may investigate the dinosaur fossils to look closely at similarities, differences and changes. Children may develop ideas of changes over time.

Communication and Language – Children may begin to ask and answer questions focused on one topic or theme. They may develop scientific and topic specific language while investigating the fossils.

Counting and Sorting - Create in interesting narrative to go with a task to count and sort the types of dinosaurs in their dig.



Hardness Scale:
3 - What is the hardness scale?
15cm x 6cm x 4cm
Age Range:
3 years +

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