• Grey foam kids breezeblock bricks
  • Grey foam kids breezeblock bricks
  • child stacking grey foam bricks
  • grey & red foam house bricks
  • Red realisitic foam house bricks for children
  • Child holding a red foam brick
  • child holding grey foam breezeblock brick
  • Child stacking wood effect foam blocks
  • child playing with 2 red foam house bricks
Grey foam kids breezeblock bricks

Grey Breezeblock Solid Soft Foam Masonry Block


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Grey Breezeblock Solid Soft Foam Masonry Block

Building that skyscraper will be a breeze with Talking Turtle's BUILD! Grey Foam Masonry Blocks building bundle! Whether it’s the Blackpool Tower or the Eiffel Tower, the possibilities and challenges are sky high! Children can develop their communication and team skills by challenging their friends to build the biggest or widest structure or explore how builders build houses. Each bundle comes with 20 light blocks, perfectly sized and perfectly weighted for that inevitable crash!

Why not pair it with our Jumbo Soft Farm Animal Bundle and recreate the story of the three little pigs!

These foam masonry blocks will provide lots of challenge and experiences for the little ones in your care. They provide a fantastic sustained construction activity and give children the opportunity to build, move and explore shape, size and weight. Get them solving problems and sharing the task with their friends by exploring how to fit bricks together - what will happen if they make a tower too high?  Children can develop their vocabulary of movement and manipulation and practise their manipulative skills in a fun and safe environment. Older children can question why the bricks won't hurt when they fall down - a fantastic opportunity to learn about materials and their properties. 

How does this resource support the curriculum?


Expressive Arts and Design – Children may build representations of familiar structures and buildings using a variety of different construction materials. They may use the bricks in role play to extend and enhance their experience.

Physical Development – Children can improve their motor skills through construction using the bricks to balance and stack.

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