Our New Small World Range

1st Apr 2019

Our New Small World Range

If you are going to visit our stand at the London Childcare Expo in London, you will see our new releases for yourselves, for those who won’t be able to attend let us introduce our new range of play sets that are extremely tactile in the play rooms.

These are ideal resources to introduce to little ones; small world play allows children to imagine, play and learn all at the same time. Children will be able to create limitless everyday or fantasy scenarios. Encourage children’s creativity with their stories by building their own imaginative role play games.

Small world play can be immersive and allows children to let their imaginations go wild, not only in their own play but with each other. Whilst talking out loud they are practising their vocabulary and picking up from other children and adults.They will learn to experiment with what they are hearing and seeing. Little ones will learn to play, share toys and imagine together. How much fun is it to build and play?

They can also be used to broaden their knowledge of distant places, cultures and societies. Children will often communicate their knowledge about life and the world around them. This play enables them to practice and develop social skills and expand their intellectual knowledge. Play sets such as hospitals, police stations and fire stations can all help children to define people and roles within their own communities and learn about who are there to help when in an emergency.

Top Tip:

The toys can be used as tools to approach subjects that the children may not directly want to talk about or wish to discuss openly. The sets are perfect for counselling, or talking about worries or concerns which can be brought up through the characters invented or tools being used. Children can become aware of their emotions or others around them.

We have a variety of sets available that will make the playroom exciting and diverse.

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